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Xiaomi Zink Portable Photo Pocket Printer AR Printer 400dpi With DIY Share 500mAh Mini Picture Printer (Standard)
Price RM386.50
Product SKU 500395202
Size (L x W x H) 13.5 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm
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Please note it,this item comes from Xiaomi Ecochain Cooperation,best products with the best quality, so there is no Xiaomi logo on it, thanks.
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-Scan AR photos
-Simply shoot or upload any video while printing photos, and you can experience the real and dynamic AR photos at any time by scanning photos.
-Scanning photos
-Recording or uploading any audio while printing photos, open the Mijia APP scan photos, you can hear the voice behind the photos anytimes, anywhere.
-Pine shows photo creativity
-More photo sticker templates: provide creative print space
-Multi-person sharing with one printer
-BT printing, no need for Wi-Fi, support multiple people at the same time BTconnection, print in sequences.
-Slide cover paper design, two-phase filling of photographic paper, smooth sliding without effort, the outer shell and the body do not need to be separated, a better paper loading experience.
Printing Technology: Thermal (ZINK)
Print resolution: 313 x 400dpi
Print photo paper size: 2x3 inches (50mm x 76mm)
Printing speed: about 45 seconds / page
Carton capacity: up to 10 sheets
Support file format: JPEG, PNG
AR Photo: Support
Bluetooth multiplayer connection: up to 3 people

Step 1: Open the slide cover on the back of the Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer.
Step 2: Put the photo paper in the printer and make the orange calibration card barcode face down.
Step 3: Close the lid of the Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer box.

Package Contents: 
1 x Printer
1 x USB Cable
1 x Photo paper bag(5 pieces)
1 x Instruction manual